The Legal Side of the Creative Classroom

Presented by the TLT Group, A Non-Profit Organization

“We’ve all done it. We’ve put together a PowerPoint with images that were not ours, we’ve converted a VHS tape to DVD, we’ve copied something off of a web page for inclusion into our lecture notes.

But, did you have permission from the publisher? Did you know that you needed permission? This session will cover the Fair Use Act, TEACH Act, and how they pertain to your learning activities.  Open up the creativity in your classroom by knowing what rules you have to play by, which ones you can bend, and even ones you can break.

Note: We are not copyright lawyers, so while we can answer many of your questions regarding Fair Use and the TEACH Act, we may not be able to answer your specific question regarding your specific use.”

Sac State faculty must register as a user first at and then register for the webinar  at FridayLive! June 8 The Legal Side of the Creative Classroom