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Tables: Word to PDF
Have you noticed that sometimes, table borders that you create in Word are missing from the PDF that you create using that file? This happens when you’ve applied cell padding to your table in Word. When converted to PDF, table padding is converted to objects that sometime obscure table borders. You’ll notice that if you zoom in (try 300%), borders will reappear. To fix this problem, you can do one of two things: 1) Remove table padding from your table in Word, or 2) Use Adobe Acrobat Professional to remove the “padding objects”, which actually doesn’t affect the table padding in the PDF.
To remove table padding from a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional,

  1. Zoom to about 200%-300% in your PDF (this makes things easier).
  2. Select the TouchUp Object tool from the Advanced Editing Toolbar (the TouchUp Object tool icon contains a square and a pencil).
  3. Click on the blank area directly below the table border section that’s missing. The “padding object” should be selected. Hit the Delete button on your keyboard.

That’s it! Don’t forget to Save your PDF file, after you make your changes.


By Monica Range, Online Course Consultant, ATCS