Open Learning: The convergence of Collaboration-Based Learning and Social Networking

Elluminate Events Center

June 24, 2009
11:00 – 12:00 (PST)

“The term ‘open learning’ was coined many years before Web 2.0 Instructors can extend their fully online course, blended course or traditional classroom and staff can utilize Web conferencing capabilities to hold online meetings. information entered the lexicon. In both, the locus of control is centered on the user. The traditional pedagogical concept of open learning involves giving the learner control of most of the instructional process. Web 2.0 open learning gives the learner complete control.”

“This Webinar will explore the latest innovations in Collaboration-based and Social Network Learning products. Some of the more sophisticated products are based on Social Network Analysis (SNA) and are often used for expertise mining.”
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