Winter 2013 Technology Workshops

Learn from the best Academic Technology Consultants! Let the ATCS trainers save you time and frustration learning a new system by attending free SacCT 9.1 workshops. During the winter break, we are offering the following workshops in AIRC 3013:

  1. Migrating an Existing SacCT Course
  2. SacCT 9.1 Quick Start
  3. Content Management
  4. Communication Tools
  5. Tests
  6. Grade Center
  7. Advanced Grade Center
  8. Web Conferencing with Collaborate
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Happy Holidays!

New Workshop – SacCT 9.1: Advanced Grade Center

Workshop Date: 12/6/12 from 1-3PM in AIRC 3013

This two-hour workshop is designed for faculty members who have already attended the initial “SacCT 9.1: Grade Center” workshop and/or have a corresponding level of basic to intermediate working knowledge of the Grade Center. All attendees should already be using the Grade Center in existing SacCT 9.1 course(s) with enrolled students. As time permits, our scenario-based work will lead toward the goal of customizing your Grade Center to calculate and display data in accordance with your syllabus.

Participants will:

  • Learn best practices to prevent frequently-encountered issues
  • Manage the layout and organization of the Grade Center
  • Understand the various types of calculated columns and their applications
  • Implement selected advanced strategies (such as creating individualized grade reports, dropping lowest grades from a category, including extra credit or deductions, and displaying course letter grades based on a customized grading schema)

After an introduction to various advanced topics, we will focus on those identified by participants as most pertinent to their courses. Please bring 1) a printed copy of the page(s) of your syllabus that delineate your grading criteria and 2) your preferred method of note-taking. Computers are available at all workstations, but feel free to bring your own laptop. Register at