SacCT 9.1: Instructor Feedback Request for Grade Center

Attention SacCT 9.1 Instructors! We need your help.

The Blackboard Product Development team has one grading question in a survey format that will take 5 minutes of your time to complete. They will ask you to tell us a bit about yourself and then you’ll answer one question related to an image that you will be presented with.

That’s it. Just click the link, provide Blackboard with a few details and then give them your answer.

This is strictly voluntary and you are not obligated to share any personal information or participate.

When: Week of April 23

To Participate:  If you are a SacCT 9.1 instructor, please complete the following brief survey (or pass along the link):

Thank you!

SacCT 9.1 (Blackboard Learn) Open House

Faculty are cordially invited to a SacCT 9.1 (Blackboard Learn) open house at the Center for Teaching and Learning (Lib. 4026) on April 12 from 11:30 – 2:00.  This open house is an opportunity to get some hands on experience with the new system, ask questions, or talk with other faculty who are using it this term.  Take some time to see what new features are available, what has changed, and what the challenges are.  Stop by to learn what training is available for both you and your students and talk  to support staff about how to get started while you enjoy some pizza!

If you have particular questions or areas of interest you would like to have covered during the open house, please contact Raymond Pina at, or by calling 278-6803.  Otherwise, just drop by.