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Training & Tools eNewsletter Subscribers,

We have created a new communications website, eLearning at Sac State, that is replacing our former Training & Tools eNewsletter.  This site will provide news about academic technology that ATCS supports, training, workshops, and resources related to instructional technology and eLearning.

This new blog format will provide readers the opportunity to navigate more easily through content of interest.

Former eNewsletter subscribers have been subscribed to the eLearning at Sac State site and will receive email notifications when a new post is featured. (notification options are: For each Post, Once Hourly,Twice Daily,Once Daily,Weekly.)

If you wish to unsubscribe from email notifications:

1.  Navigate to the eLearning at Sac State site – http://irt-pw-cp1.irt.csus.edu/elearn/
2.  Locate the Email Subscription option on right
3.  Enter your email address
4.  Click Unsubscribe
5.  You will receive an email message asking you to confirm your request