New Handouts

Viewing WMV Files Online (pdf)
Viewing WMV (Windows Media files) online can be problematic for some, especially those folks who are on the Macintosh platform. This document presents several methods than can be used successfully by both PC and Mac users.

Flashlight 2: Delivering Your Surveys (pdf)
For quick help on delivering your Flashlight surveys, refer to this Flashlight How-To Guide. You have a few options, considering survey delivery options, which are
described in some detail in this document.

Flashlight 2: Working with Excel Reports (pdf)
Using Flashlight Excel reports, data survey analysis can be done effectively. Check out this How-To Guide on working with Flashlight Excel Reports for some quick tips, and information about the process.

Online Symposium Faculty Development/Support Symposium follow-up

September 11, 2009
11:00 AM (PST)
Steve Gilbert, Lisa Star, Bonnie Mullinix, Steve Ehrmann, The TLT Group and lots of guests

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Because Sac State is a subscribing institution to the TLT Group, Sac State faculty and staff are granted Individual membership access to TLT Group online workshops and webinars. Many sessions offered through this group are free to individual members.

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Flashlight (Online Surveys)

Creating Productive Surveys with Flashlight Online 2.0 (Part II)

Offered by the TLT Group

August 27, 2009
11:00 AM (PST)
How to make a survey into a MATRIX survey. More information is available on the TLT Group Web site. Steve Ehrmann, Bonnie Mullinix, The TLT Group

A Flashlight 2 account is required in order to participate in the session. An account can be requested using the Sac State Online Surveys Request Form.