eClip Tools for Faculty / Professional Development

Offered by the TLT Group

Tuesday April 7, 2009 11:30 AM (PST)

A free webinar offered by The TLT Group: “Comparing Tools for Producing/Publishing eClips (esp. using Screen Capture): Camtasia, CamStudio, Jing, Captivate , Snapz ProX. Focus on HOW to use these tools for faculty and professional develoment – Ursinus case study – Including „NetFlix‟ model.”

Because Sac State is a subscribing institution to the TLT Group, Sac State faculty and staff are granted Individual membership access to TLT Group online workshops and webinars. Many sessions offered through this group are free to individual members.

How to access this webinar

Just visit the TLT Group‟s website ( on April 7th, and a link for this webinar will conveniently be available on the homepage.

Unlimited Elluminate User License

The Elluminate user license has been upgraded to support an unlimited number of concurrent users. This upgrade will allow the opportunity for multiple courses to be supported concurrently. The unlimited license will remain in effect until June 2010 at which time, based on user feedback and usage patterns, the license will be reviewed to determine appropriate licensing levels for subsequent years.

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