Winter 2013 Technology Workshops

Learn from the best Academic Technology Consultants! Let the ATCS trainers save you time and frustration learning a new system by attending free SacCT 9.1 workshops. During the winter break, we are offering the following workshops in AIRC 3013:

  1. Migrating an Existing SacCT Course
  2. SacCT 9.1 Quick Start
  3. Content Management
  4. Communication Tools
  5. Tests
  6. Grade Center
  7. Advanced Grade Center
  8. Web Conferencing with Collaborate
Register at Questions about training may be sent to
Happy Holidays!

Elluminate: Beyond the Whiteboard

One of the basic tools in Elluminate is the Whiteboard; it is one of the main areas many faculty and staff new to virtual classroom software, begin using. Application sharing is another key tool that will help you share all types of documents and programs with your users. Watch this short video to get started:

Once you become more comfortable using Elluminate for live lectures, recording or meetings, explore other presentation and sharing tools available in Elluminate such as:

  • Application Sharing
  • Web Tour
  • Video
  • Polling
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Multimedia Library

To learn more about each of these tools visit our Handouts and Tutorials website.  Here we post handouts and tutorials that address the specific uses of Elluminate on our campus, and also tutorials from Elluminate, the company that created this software.


Secure Your Elluminate Sessions

Meetings that are set to be Public and don’t require a password to join, increase your security risk level, since anyone can join the meeting.

We recommend that you secure your meetings by using a password and/or hiding your meeting from the Public Schedule, so that only your intended participants can join.

Both of these options can be selected from the meeting setup page when you are creating a new meeting or when you are editing an existing one.

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